Meghshala throws open its doors to passionate people who want to recalibrate our educational curriculum. We are especially interested in people from diverse walks of life. We are building a team comprising creative, engaged and entrepreneurial curriculum developers, implementation and project managers and tech enthusiasts. We also have volunteer positions open. If this excites you, talk to us!



Meghshala complies to all the requirements of the New Companies Bill 2012. We create customized CSR solutions for ICT/Technology in classrooms to target students, teachers and the system. We currently work with multiple MNC's, Indian corporates and SME's to channel their social inclination to real impact on the ground. Meghshala prides itself in compliance and M&E reports, thereby playing a role of an excellent CSR implementation partner.

Your contribution will help us re-imagine the educational experience for millions of students. We want to work towards creating a knowledge driven, empathetic and innovative society. Let us build that dream.

Please do get in touch with us at to further this conversation of bridging the education inequity.


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